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JL Audio Class D Amplifiers

The jx10001d is a powerful and versatile amplifiers line offers an wide range of class d amps and wattage ratings for a variety of audio applications. The jx10001d is capable of delivering1000w of power into a small product family. With its easy to use interface and intuitive controls, the jx10001d is perfect for anyone looking for an amplifier to use in their business or music career.

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The jl audio class d amplifiers are the perfect choice for both small and large businesses. With our 2-channel xd series amplifiers, you can bring your music to life with the best performance and reliability. With our world-class technology, you can trust that you'll get the same level of performance from your money.
looking for an audiophile class amplifier? look no further than jl audio'sclass d amplifiers. The 800w rms amplifier features mtx's xthunder800. 5 series supreme audio technology. This amplifier is capable of delivering 800w rms, meaning it can deliver a powerful sound with ease. It comes with a free shipping warranty, making it easy to take care of this amplifier.
the jl audio class d amplifier is a high-quality, 5-channel class d amplifier that provides ample power for everyday use. It features a smooth, keyes-to-scalp contact with a 800w rms capability. This amplifier is perfect for those who need large power outputs or want to compete in a power-centric world. Get your jl audio class d amplifier today!